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How to tell if your phone needs a new battery, charging port, or if there’s something else going on?

Does your phone’s battery drain quickly? Sounds like a new battery might be necessary. As a general rule it’s suggested that once the overall battery health drops below 80% it should be replaced. An easy way to check this is by simply going into your settings and checking the battery health. This can vary slightly so if it shows anywhere near around 80% and you’re not getting the life out of your phone you’re used to, it’s likely a good idea to have the battery replaced.

What about if you leave your phone plugged in all night and in the morning it shows the same or less amount of battery life left. or it’s dead? Chances are in this scenario the charging port is the culprit. Charging ports tend to wear out over time from plugging and unplugging repeatedly. They can also fail due to dirt, liquid exposure, or electrical damage (we’ll talk more about that last one in the next paragraph). Sometimes the charging port just needs a thorough cleaning. More often than not though they need to be replaced. This is a pretty common repair and typically takes about 30 minutes for most phones.

So what about electrical damage? This is where things can get a little tricky. The number one reason phones stop charging due to electrical damage is because of cheap third party chargers. Most of us are guilty of buying a charger from a gas station because we’re in need of a new one and they’re way cheaper than say an official Apple charger. The problem is these gas station chargers don’t regulate the incoming voltage. This can cause a power surge that fries the power management chip on the phone’s motherboard. Luckily there’s a fix for this. With the proper diagnostic tools we can determine if the power management chip is faulty or if it’s just the battery or the charging port causing the issue. If it turns out the chip is damaged we can replace the chip on the motherboard and bring new life to your phone. Also, keep in mind when looking for a new charging cable for an iPhone it’s important to buy one that is “MFI Certified”. This stands for “Made For iPhone”, and is usually a guaranty that it has over-voltage protection.

Every phone that comes in for a potential battery or charging issue goes through a few simple diagnostic tests to determine the root cause of the problem. This way you don’t end up paying money for a battery replacement and end up bringing your phone back a few days later when you’re still experiencing the same issues because it was something else in the first place. So if you’re experiencing issues with your phone’s battery life or charging, contact us today and get back up and running again.